What is this?

Music Journalism Insider is a newsletter about music journalism. I highlight some of the best stuff I hear, read, and watch every week; publish news about the industry; and interview writers, editors, and more about their work.

Who’s behind it?

The newsletter is written by me, Todd L. Burns.

You can find out more about me—and my career in music journalism—in the first edition of the newsletter. But here’s the short version: I’ve been a music editor and journalist since 2002, and involved with a few different publications over the years. In 2002, I co-founded Stylus Magazine, an early (friendly) competitor to Pitchfork. (Many of the writers from Stylus went on to bigger and better things.) Later, I went on to the world’s largest independent online electronic music magazine, Resident Advisor, where I shaped and helped execute the site’s first editorial strategy. After that, I worked at Yadastar, a creative agency that developed various projects for Red Bull, including the Red Bull Music Academy.

These days, I work at uDiscover Music, a branded content online magazine owned by Universal Music. This newsletter is not affiliated or sponsored in any way by Universal, and any links that relate to the work of my department will be clearly marked.

Why’d you create this newsletter?

Music journalism isn’t exactly a growth industry, but I still believe strongly in its power. And I suspect—if you bothered subscribing to this thing—that you do, too.

That’s why I put this newsletter together.

At its core, Music Journalism Insider is intended to be a service to the community of folks who care about music journalism. My goal is to share knowledge, celebrate great work, and expand the idea of what music journalism is—and where it happens.

How often do you send the newsletter?

I send the newsletter once a week, usually on Mondays.

How do I subscribe?

You can subscribe to the newsletter by clicking here. (Be sure to choose the free tier.)

This sounds great! How can I support you further?

Well, thanks! There are two immediate ways:

Are there perks for ongoing supporters?

Yep! Here’s a breakdown:

Insider Extra - An additional e-mail from me each week, usually featuring job listings, freelance calls, and more

How To Pitch Database - Access to a routinely updated database with contact information and pitching info for hundreds of publications

Reading Recommendations - Access to a resource page collecting great pieces of music journalism, sourced from great music journalists

Advice - Access to a resource page devoted to collecting advice from journalists and editors on how to excel at music journalism

Interviews - I’ve talked with writers and editors from Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, The Guardian, and elsewhere. You’ll get full access to the hundreds of interviews that have appeared in the newsletter

How can I get in touch?

Questions, comments, concerns? You can reach me anytime at music.journalism.insider@gmail.com.